PLSX is the PulseX token. PulseX is the DEX launched by Richard Heart and remains the most liquid DEX as well as the DEX with the most volume among all DEXs on PulseChain.

Buy & Burn

PulseX has a 0.29% trading fee. 21% of that trading fee goes to what is know as the PulseX Buy & Burn. The funds collected market buys PLSX and burns it, creating a deflationary on PLSX supply.

As volume continues to increase, the amount PLSX burned increases making PLSX more scarce.

Why Buy PLSX

The deflationary feature of PLSX due to the Buy & Burn is a massive net positive for the the price of PLSX, especially long term. There is also potential utility for PLSX in the PulseX roadmap including PLSX staking as well as voting power in the PulseX DAO that would determine incentivized liquidity pools.

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