Getting Started

In this guide, you'll learn how to get started using PulseChain. I think you'll find it surprisingly easy!

For this guide, you'll need a MetaMask wallet and ETH in your MetaMask wallet. If you need to learn how to set up a MetaMask wallet or how to get ETH, go back to the 'New To Crypto' section.

Step 1: Bridging to PulseChain

The PulseChain Bridge is a protocol that allows you to bridge crypto from the Ethereum to PulseChain.

First, go to the PulseChain Bridge website 👉 PulseChain Bridge

Hit the 'Connect Wallet' button in the top right to connect your MetaMask wallet.

Once you wallet is connected, make sure that you are on the Ethereum network as we are bridging ETH from Ethereum.

Once you've confirmed that you're on Ethereum,

  1. Select 'ETH' from the drop down of assets.

  2. Input the amount of ETH that you would like to bridge

  3. Hit the purple 'Send' button and complete the transaction in your MetaMask wallet.

Below the 'Send' button you'll see an estimated completion time which varies based on the current bridging activity. When completed, you will have WETH (Wrapped ETH) in your wallet on PulseChain.

Step 2: Add the PulseChain Network to Your Wallet

In order to start using PulseChain, you'll need to add the PulseChain network to your MetaMask wallet. This is extremely easy to do.

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Hit the 'Add PulseChain to MetaMask' button

Once you have added PulseChain, you can now easily switch between PulseChain and Ethereum by opening your MetaMask wallet and selecting the networks drop down.

Step 3: Add WETH to Your Wallet

In order to see the WETH in your wallet on PulseChain that you bridged, you'll need to import the WETH token.

To do so:

  1. Copy the WETH token address: 0x02DcdD04e3F455D838cd1249292C58f3B79e3C3C

  2. Open your MetaMask wallet, select 'Import Token,' paste the contract address, hit 'Next,' then 'Import.'

Once you've imported WETH, you'll see the WETH you bridged in your wallet when the bridge transaction completes.

PLS for Gas Fees

PLS is the native token of PulseChain. PLS is to PulseChain as ETH is to Ethereum.

You will need PLS for gas fees in order to transact on PulseChain. Fortunately, a community member has created a bot that will automatically send you PLS when you bridge for the first time for gas fees.

So after bridging, you should see PLS in your wallet and have the ability to start using the chain.

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