Buying Assets

If you followed the Getting Started guide, you now have WETH on PulseChain and you're ready to start buying assets! In this guide, you'll learn the best way to buy assets on PulseChain.

(If you want to learn more about PulseChain assets before buying, go to the Assets section and then come back.)

To buy assets on PulseChain, you'll use what are know as decentralized exchanges, or DEXs for short, to swap one asset for another.

There are many DEXs now on PulseChain, so the best way to buy is to use what is know as a DEX aggregator. A DEX aggregator is a protocol that searches all DEXs for the best price to buy an asset.

The best DEX aggregator on PulseChain is Piteas. Here is how you can use Piteas to buy an asset. In this example, we will be swapping WETH for HEX:

Step 1: Open and Connect to the Piteas App

First, make sure that your wallet is connected to the PulseChain Network. Go to and hit the 'Connect Wallet' button in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Select Assets

Once you've connected your wallet, select the assets that you would like to swap from the asset drop down. The asset on top is the asset your swapping and the asset on the bottom is the asset you're swapping for.

In this example, we're swapping WETH for HEX. Select WETH from the asset drop down menu for the asset on top and select HEX for the asset on the bottom.

Step 3: Input Amount and Swap

Once you have the correct assets you would like to swap, input the amount of WETH that you would like to swap for HEX. Once you're ready to make the trade, hit the 'Swap' button and a popup from you MetaMask wallet will appear. Complete the transaction in your MetaMask wallet.

Step 4: Import Token

If you're buying an asset for the first time, you'll need to import the token for it to show in your MetaMask wallet. Piteas offers an easy way to do it.

Simply hit the fox icon next to an asset on Piteas to add it to your wallet.

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